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 For the challenging fluid handling applications, our expertise is into providing customized pumping and control valve systems. We are the authorized distributor for following leading companies:

1) Viking Pump Inc, USA (A Unit of IDEX Corp), leader in Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps 

2) Flowrox Oy, leading European supplier for Pinch/ Knife Gate Valves and Hose/ Progressive Cavity Pumps for extremely abrasive and corrosive applications

3) Sandpiper Pump- Warren Rupp Inc, USA (A Unit of IDEX Corp), widest range of air/gas operated double diaphragm pumps 

4) Wright Flow Technologies- UK (A Unit of IDEX Corp), widest range of air/gas operated double diaphragm pumps 


About Viking Pump Inc, A Unit of IDEX Corp.

Founded in 1911, 100 years of experience
World #1 manufacturer of Internal Gear pump
Originator of Internal gear pump
6,000,000 configurations  to customize pumps
Integrated manufacturing from casting to machining to assembly 

Product Range

Rotary Positive Displacement Pump- Internal Gear, External Gear Pump, Timed Lobe pump, Vane Pump, Customized OEM Pump 

Pump Accessories- Gear reducer, Strainer, Controllers

Engineered Pump System

Performance Envelope

Flow              <1   to  365 m3/hr
Pressure        <1   to  172 bar
Viscosity        <1   to  450,000 cps  
Temperature   -50 to  425 Deg C

Target Market

Chemical-Paints, Inks, & coatings, Polymer & Resins, Adhesives, Solvents, Polyurethane Foam, Acids, Soaps, Detergents

Petrochemical- -Fuel Oils, Lube oils, Asphalts, LP Gas, Ethanol, Glycols, Alcohols

Food- -Vegetable Oils, Chocolate, Corn Syrups, Molasses,Peanut butter, Mayonnaise, Yogurt

Other Applications
- Paper Coatings, Pharmaceuticals, Heat Transfer Oils, Ammonia, Plastics, Rubber, and many more  

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  About Flowrox Oy

Formerly known as Larox Flowsys
Over 30 years of experience
First pinch valve manufacturer to get awarded ISO 9001:2000
Manufactured  world’s largest hose pump
Over 100,000 installations worldwide
Headquartered in Lappeenranta, Finland with subsidiaries in USA, Australia, and South Africa

Product Range

Valves: Pinch Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Rotary Disc Valves

Pumps: Peristaltic Hose Pump, Progressive Cavity Pump

Spare Parts for Pumps & Valves

 Performance Envelope- Valves

Sizes              25mm      to 1200mm    
Pressures      Vacuum  to  160 bar
Temperature   -40      to 160 Deg C
Ideal for abrasive and corrosive liquids
Full bore
Zero Leakage 

Performance Envelope- Pumps

  • Flow              <1   to  230 m3/hr
  • Pressure        <1   to  12 bar

Target Markets & Applications

Mining & Minerals: -  Grinding and screening, Hydrocyclone separation, Magnetic separation, Flotation, Thickening, Filtration, Leaching, solvent extraction and electrowinning, Pelletising, Tailings

Metallurgy: - Roasting, Annealing and pickling, Coke quenching, Hot strip milling, Neutralisation, Mud handling and waste treatment

Energy: - Bottom and fly ash processes, Scrubber lime and gypsum slurries, Chemical dosing to water treatment, Sulfuric acid disposal, Drilling mud treatment

Construction:- Silo feeding and isolation, Powder pneumatic conveying, Grinding aid dosing, Ball mill feed and discharge, Additives dosing

Environment: - Sludge handling and dewatering, Sampling systems, Chemical feed systems, Sludge  pumping systems, Hydrostatic pressure relief

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About Sandpiper Pump- Warren Rupp Inc, A Unit of IDEX Corp.

Founded in 1965, 50 years of experience
Pioneered AODD (Air operated double diaphragm) Pump technology
Constantly introducing innovative products for most difficult applications
Assembling pumps in IDEX India Savli facility to serve local market needs

Product Range

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps - Standard ball valve, heavy duty ball valve, flap valve, and containment duty pumps

Gas Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps- Natural Gas (both sweat and sour)

Pump accessories- Filter/ Regulator (AFR), Lubricator, Pulsation Dampener, Back Pressure valve 

Engineered Pump System-  Filtration skid, base mounted skids 

Performance Envelope

Flow              <1   to  900 LPM
Pressure        <1   to  14 bar
Viscosity        <1   to  25,000 cps  
Temperature   -50 to  150 Deg C

Target Market

Chemical-Paints, Inks, & coatings, Polymer & Resins, Pigments, Adhesives, Solvents, Polyurethane Foam, Acids, Soaps, Detergents

Oil & Gas/ Marine- Fuel Oils, Lube oils, Glycols, Chemicals (OCI/ GCI/ Demulsifiers), waste oil

Water & Waste Water Treament-  Dewatering, sludge removal, sump tank, dosing chemicals transfer, filtration, sewage

Food & Beverage- -Vegetable Oils, Yeast, Keisulghur, pet food, Peanut butter, Mayonnaise, Yogurt

Other Applications
- Ceramic/ tiles, API-Pharmaceuticals, Battery, Rubber, and many more  

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About Wright Flow Technologies, A Unit of IDEX Corp.

Founded in 1977, 40 years of experience
Technology leader in providing hygeinic rotary lobe pump and circumferential piston pump for stringent applications
Serves India market from manufacturing facilities in Eastbourne, UK & Cedar Falls, IA, USA

Product Range

Rotary Lobe Pumps - Standard tri-lobe (multi-lobe & bi-wing rotors options)

Cicumferential Piston Pumps

Front-loaded seals are available for easy maintenance, oil-filled or grease filled gearboxes for required hygienic applications. Rectangular ports for high viscosity. Various sealing options. 

Performance Envelope

Flow              <1   to 190 m3/hr
Pressure        <1   to  31 bar
Viscosity        <1   to  440,000 cps  
Temperature   Upto  150 Deg C

3-A, EHEDG, FDA, USDA, CE, ATEX certified products are available

Target Market

Pharma & Biotech- -Creams, Ointments, Liquid medicines, Vaccines, Inhalants, Blood products, WFI

Dairy - -Milk & Cream, Cheese, Fruit pulp, Egg White, Butter, , Yogurt

Food & Beverages- - Jams, Mayonnaise, Coffee liquor, Chocolate, Meat, Tomato paste, fruit juices, Sugars, Glucose, Finings, Colors & Flavours, Live/ spent yeast, Bright beer

Personal Care - -SLES, Soap, Shampoo, Fragrances, Colors, Thickners, Stablizers, Detergents

Chemical-Paints, Inks, & coatings, Polymer & Resins, Pigments, Adhesives, Soaps, Detergents

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