Online Tools (Unit Conversion, NPSHa calculations, Chemical Compatibility)

Though the world has become interconnected and there is standardization of most technological products, yet companies cling to the units they follow traditionally for various liquid/ system parameters. For example, some companies continue to use GPM and PSI for flow and pressure for pump performance curves, whereas other companies use m3/hr and bar. Thanks to internet, many websites host or allow one to download applications to convert these units into desired ones.

Here we review some of the tools available online:



Sponsored by Viking® Pump, this application can be downloaded to your computer. The software is specifically designed for engineers involved in pump selection and system design work. There are not only common unit conversions for parameters such as pressure, power, torque, and flow rate, but also more specific conversions such as viscosity, mass to volumetric flow, Reynolds Numbers etc



Hosted by Pumps & Systems® magazine, this page provides links to various tools to not only convert standard units, but also estimate or calculate pump operating parameters. Under basic section, it lists calculators for estimating mechanical efficiency, converting pressure into head, calculating Reynold’s number, shaft shear stress and torque with HP/ Speed, and financial parameters such as Annuity, Future Value, and Payback time.

On the right hand side, the page lists expert calculators for analyzing NPSHa, estimating viscosity correction factors, Motor output HP, and Life Cycle cost of the pump. Of the special interest is conversion of dynamic viscosity into static viscosity.



Sponsored by Beacon Engineers Inc, this page provides a form to input system layout parameters to calculate frictional losses through pipe, valves, fitting, and other restrictions.




While most Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pump manufacturers list chemical resistance guide for common liquids on their website, the one referred here from Blagdon® Pump is available online both as a form and PDF download.  Also listed is another useful link hosted by Cole Parmer®

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